Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our customers and want you to know how your personal information is handled.

Registrar and Data Protection Officer
Personal Data Controller and Data Protection Officer is E-Gadgets Oy, Business ID, Address: PL 100 Helsinki, Email Address: [email protected]

Purposes, Deliveries and Retention Times for Data Processing
We only collect information from our customers that is essential to ensure a full service package.

Such information is customer number, order number, name, last name, phone number, address, email, delivery information, purchase amount, sum of payment and date. If a customer takes a bill for payment, then we ask for the customer’s personal ID so that we can make a credit decision.

We are also required to comply with the law, the courts and the taxpayer’s requirements, one of which is the collection of material under the Accounting Act and the retention of supporting documents. The period of validity of the documents required by law is six years from the end of the calendar year during which the financial year has expired. We keep our customers’ invoices or order confirmations so that all the Customer Information marked with them will be retained until the legally required retention period is met. In addition, e-mail correspondence can be maintained if they contain essential information for the documents. Additionally, we store account statements that include, of course, the payer’s name, invoice reference number, and sum.

A database where data is stored is protected by firewall, virus protection, and access control. Access control can only be accessed by internal employees. We monitor and ensure that employees only get access to information if they need access to customer data to perform their duties.

Some of the information is necessary to third parties for the delivery of customer purchases or for other legitimate reasons. Data is delivered to a logistics company who is our partners and helps us in delivering orders. In addition, payment service providers such as banks and other credit bureaus help us provide fast and secure payment options to our customers. In addition, the information is transmitted to the accounting office and the authorities in order to meet the requirements of the law. If we do not receive payment from our customer in accordance with payment terms, we will have to disclose information to the collection agency.

Your information will only be held in Finland and will not be sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

You can always check your profile for what information we have about you. You can edit them or if you want to delete them completely if you do not have open bills or orders. It can be done by contacting our customer service by email: [email protected]